What is iBeacon Technology and How it Works

iBeacon is getting stronger now. With the hype of almost every year there are more innovations involving iBeacon technology and not just in retail but it is currently developing to smart environment such as airport.

iBeacon Technology which was introduced by Apple on 2014 made their debut as a device that will deliver push notification, promos, and discount to the customer in a store. There are startups who build their device with iBeacon and there are also more enterprise that launch their own beacon.

A beacon is working using Bluetooth version 4 or bluetooth low energy. This makes less battery spent when it’s connected to a smartphone. That way a user can be connected as long as they want without having to worry that it will consumes their smartphone battery a lot.

iBeacon is simply working as a transmitter. The reader can be a smartphone or developer can build a reader for their device. The management of iBeacon can be done in a backend platform. Most iBeacon startups provides the backend to set up along with the device.

This makes developers can build their device easily since backend also provide them with SDK or Software Developer Kit. The SDK is the core to implement iBeacon technology to any apps.


Developer now building more solution using iBeacon. Especially in Industrial Internet of Things. iBeacon itself is able to work in tracking and logistic. This makes industry can have use of it with its accuracy and micro location implementation.

Currently, the industry has been using RFID as their asset management. While RFID price itself is expensive in terms of price and maintenance, iBeacon can be a solution for the low cost and easy to implement device. Beside iBeacon cost itself is affordable, the reader of iBeacon can be using a smartphone whic is easier since everybody has smartphone now.